The Miller & Krebs Families

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I developed this site to contain the many ancestral photos collected by my mother and father, Jane and Morris Miller, and other family photos from my collection. All images are organized chronologically and have been retouched and enhanced to the best of my ability. Short descriptive captions help identify the subject matter. Please feel free to download these full resolution files and save as you wish.

If you wish to view where these and other ancestors are placed on our family tree, visit The tree is interactive and has over 1,500 names and several hundred photos, so clicking anywhere opens up more limbs of the tree!

I built this site because there were so many photos I couldn't fit into the Miller and Krebs Families Photo History book.

This entire book containing stories, newspaper clippings and memorabilia can be downloaded at (Set your Acrobat viewer to "View>Page Display>Show Cover Page in Two Page View" for best results).

Enjoy!--Mark Miller, 2014